Lois Sharp-Schneider  Lois is an experienced registered yoga teacher (ERYT-500) with Yoga Alliance. She trained with Iyengar instructor, Claude Griffin and Yoga Journal writer, Judith Lasater.   Lois is capable of working at all levels of functioning, and presumes competency with all of her students; specializes in yoga modifications and adaptations for special needs populations.

Marcia McGee  Marcia is trained in the Kripala Yoga style and visits the Kripala Institute each summer to further her training and review yoga research.  She will help you coordinate your prana energies to enable fluidity of movement.  She will also make you laugh with her light-hearted spirit.

Liz Padalina  Liz is trained in Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga styles and she will amaze you with her stamina and strength.  If you are looking for the endurance of an athlete and enjoy a sweat, you will want to visit her class regularly.  She will encourage you to gain a strength of mind that maximizes your ability to strengthen your body.

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Student testimonials:


“With a slight scoliosis of the spine, yoga has improved that condition, improved my posture as well with noticeable upper body strength, and is a mood enhancer.”  Sue Bolt


“Yoga has improved my flexibility, especially for someone that does physical labor.”  Ray Rust


“Everyone has already said it all, but yoga has improved my upper body strength, flexibility, and helped my sense of balance.”  Nancy Ernst


“I have noticed significant improvement in balance because of using muscles in ways you don’t traditionally use them.”  Nolan McCann


“Yoga has given me tremendous improvement in strength and balance.  Holding poses was tough in my early practice; now effort is more psychological than physical.”  Massoud Tavakoli


“Initially, I dropped a dress size without losing a pound and my continued practice has resulted in a loss of 35 pounds.”  Dawn Hibbard


“Yoga has given me a higher perspective on what it means to get in touch with your inner self, and it has cleared my way of thinking to be more open minded, and a new sense of freedom.”  Christopher Collins


“I started yoga early in my pregnancy.  I go to the chiropractor as well, but I don’t get the relief as I do from yoga.  Yoga has given me a sense of well-being and a positive outlook on life.”  Angela Austin


“I never felt more whole”.  Jeff Bernard


“Having four kids and working makes me tired, but after doing yoga I noticed that I have a lot more energy.”  Muna Jondy


“My body functions better at work which happens to be physically demanding.  I’ve also noticed that I can focus on my breathing when in challenging situations.  It seems I have an enhanced awareness of my feeling since practicing yogas.”  Val